Meditation & Psychic Development

Spiritual Development in a Supportive & Nurturing Space

Jenny offers a weekly, intuitively-planned, healing meditation and psychic development class in an intimate setting in Hervey Bay.

We have fun experiencing different forms of meditation & relaxation techniques including:

  • guided
  • open-eye
  • mindfulness
  • breathing awareness
  • body scan
  • chakra healing visualisation
  • mantra
  • chanting
  • drumming
  • sound healing with light language

The majority of meditations will be guided.

Classes may focus on:

  • mastering the monkey mind
  • changing self-sabotaging beliefs
  • connecting with your spirit guides
  • relaxation & stress relief
  • healing & chakra balancing
  • a variety of exercises, divination and development techniques to hone your intuitive/psychic abilities

Each class will include the following:

  • A meditation with the theme chosen by Spirit, (based on the current universal energy or message/learning required at the time for your highest good).
  • Discussion of your meditation experience, (because it’s always nice to share, as we can learn from one another).
  • Psychic/intuitive development, (because your intuition is your birthright and personal G.P.S. that helps you navigate your way through life).

These weekly classes may also include SMUDGING WITH WHITE SAGE.

Please note: The above structure may alter from time to time, due to the intuitive nature of these classes.

Whether this is your first time at such a class or you are more experienced, I’m sure you will leave feeling RELAXED, HEALED and EMPOWERED.

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.”

~ Saint Francis de Sales 

Group Classes

When: Tuesday nights at 7:00pm til 8:30pm – weekly

Where: Kawungan, Hervey Bay (exact address given on booking)

Price: $15 per class

I was attracted to try meditation as I was going through a lot of grief.  I feel I have really benefited from Jenny’s meditation sessions, even though I was only a beginner.  Jenny is a very caring and compassionate person.

Joan (Gold Coast, Australia)

How can I benefit from meditation?

The benefits of a regular meditation practice are extensive and include both physical and mental/emotional advantages.

On a PHYSICAL LEVEL, more life force energy or chi is delivered to the cells which brings about physiological changes.

Some benefits may include:

  • lowering high blood pressure
  • improving the immune system
  • decreasing pain brought on by tension or anxiety such as headaches, migraines and ulcers.
  • improving sleep-related disorders such as insomnia
  • increasing energy levels
  • increasing serotonin levels to improve mood

On a MENTAL/EMOTIONAL LEVEL, meditation lowers the brainwaves to an alpha and sometimes theta state to help promote healing and manifestation.

Some of the benefits include:

  • decreasing anxiety and stress
  • helps stabilise emotions
  • a feeling of no longer needing to sweat the small stuff
  • deep relaxation, a sense of calm and feeling more harmonious and at peace
  • balancing chakras for an all-over sense of well-being, wellness and happiness
  • clarity of mind in making decisions
  • becoming focussed and goal orientated
  • improving intuition
  • feeling more connected with people and Spirit
  • enhanced creativity