Meet Jenny

Reiki Master Teacher | Intuitive Healer | Intuitive/Energy Reader | Light Language Channel & Singer | Indian Head Massage Therapist



About Jenny

Jenny, the creator of The Inspired Oracle, started her conscious journey of SELF-DISCOVERY & HEALING around the end of the 1990’s in her early 30’s.

Many years prior to that as a child, Jenny discovered she was SENSITIVE TO ENERGY and felt SPIRIT around her, especially feeling Spirit Beings sitting on the end of her bed, or seeing a family member astral travel to her side.

After giving birth to her daughter, she started experiencing similar phenomenon again but to a greater extent. This piqued her interest in the UNSEEN WORLD and her quest for knowledge and understanding on this subject.

Around the year 2000, when Jenny was gaining interest in NATURAL THERAPIES, SELF-DISCOVERY, and HEALING CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, she was led to experience as a client, the healing and life-changing hands-on healing modality REIKI.

As an administrator/bookkeeper who always wanted to help people in a more compassionate way, but wasn’t sure of a good fit for her, Jenny couldn’t shake the feeling that Reiki was something she wanted to pursue to achieve that dream. After all, as an empathic and sensitive old soul, with childhood trauma, she just wanted to HELP ALLEVIATE THE SUFFERING FROM OTHER PEOPLE.

“Once you know that you are not flesh and blood, that you are the eternal spirit, then nothing will trouble you. Even death you will not know it is just a change of state.”

~ Mooji ~

And so the journey began with studying Reiki and many other healing modalities, metaphysics and psychic/mediumship development over the next 20 plus years. These included Spiritual Surgery, Medical Intuition, Thought Field Therapy, Crystal Healing, Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection, Angel Intuitive certification with Doreen Virtue, ThetaHealing, Mediumship with Lisa Williams, Tamara Healing, Hypnosis, Angelic Shamanism, Diamond Light Activations & Healing, Seated Indian Head Massage, various meditation & psychic development classes and eventually going on to receive her REIKI MASTERS in order to teach this life-changing modality for self-healing and to help others.

Around 10 years after studying Reiki, Jenny’s interest in SOUND HEALING developed and then in 2013, she was gifted with LIGHT LANGUAGE and started vocally channeling this ancient and celestial dialect; singing and speaking it during healing sessions, performing at Spiritualist Churches and other events. The light language appeared to BOOST THE EFFICACY OF THE HEALINGS including distance healings, and Jenny noticed she was starting to see her client’s PAST LIVES for past life healing to occur.

Around 2016, when life threw her a curveball, Jenny realised she had to go deeper into herself and heal adult trauma, surrender, and learn how to end her own suffering. As she healed herself, she became a clearer channel to heal others. As the saying goes, “Healer, heal thyself”. With the assistance of some wonderful mentors, Jenny learned some valuable techniques and tools to assist her, and now has the privilege of passing on her gifts, wisdom & knowledge to others through TEACHING, GUIDANCE, INTUITIVE HEALING and MASSAGE.

“Feelings by themselves, do not create problems. It is rather the tendency to interpret and analyze them. When out of habit you believe those interpretations, it is there that the suffering begins.”

~ Mooji ~

Thank you Jenny for sharing your “Perfect” skills to guide, heal and help people.

You truly are a Blessing to the World xxx 

Jennifer (Gold Coast, Australia)

Jenny is the one who sings,

Light sound waves like angel wings,

She beats her drum to heal your soul…

Love her music, want to hear it more.

Tamara (Gold Coast, Australia)