The Sacred Woman Playshop

Mini Workshops for Women's Wellbeing

These events bring women together in a safe, non-judgmental and sacred space to share their thoughts, feelings & stories. We use play as a way to empower, nurture, inspire and heal, with fun activities.

These loving and nurturing circles allow women to come into their truth – embracing the peeling-back-of-layers to reveal their authentic selves and shine as only those who know, love and respect themselves can.

Each gathering will be different, with fun activities for growth, release, self-empowerment, nurturing, self-love, forgiveness, intuitive development, chakras, healing and more.

These playshops will also include a meditation, discussion and sometimes a sound healing, including the beautiful light language Jenny channels.

There is no set regular date for these events, only when Jenny feels called to offer them in alignment with the different moon phases.

Activities will reflect these moon cycles and the zodiac sign the moon is in. E.g. a waning moon in Virgo could include activities to help release the past for healing to take place or the full moon in Cancer could include activities that nurture the soul. See more details of the moon phases and what the zodiacs represent, below.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” ~ Author Unknown ~

The Moon Phases

  • Waning Moon – releasing or letting go of the old to make way for the new
  • Dark Moon – going within, divination and allowing things to die away completely
  • New Moon – ushering in new energies, setting clear intentions for future goals, planning and starting new ventures
  • Waxing Moon – growth and rebirth, setting foundations and working with positive thoughts to manifest.
  • Full Moon – completion, celebration, gratitude, and bringing our previous intentions to fruition

What The Zodiac Signs Represent

Aries – the self, being bold, taking action, beginnings, courage, spontaneity

Taurus – finances, possessions, self-love, sensuality, earthiness, practicality

Gemini – communication, learning, reading, socialising, neighbours, siblings, travel

Cancer – home, family, nurturing, domesticity, privacy

Leo – children, sports, creativity, showing off, flirtation, fun

Virgo – work, being of service, duty, health, small animals

Libra – partnerships, close relationships, beauty, balance, harmony

Scorpio – joint resources, other people’s money, occult, sex/sexuality, death & transformation, rebirth, taxes

Sagittarius – study, travel, cosmic truth, inner knowing, freedom, higher education

Capricorn – career, status, planning, ambition

Aquarius – friends, social networks and groups, inventiveness, charity, being yourself, hopes & dreams

Pisces – subconscious, spirituality, dreaminess, fears

“Just like the moon, we go through phases.”

~ Author Unknown ~

Had a wonderful night; left feeling light and relaxed and ready to move forward.  Wonderful atmosphere and Jenny’s singing and presentation of the night was spot on.

Margot, Essences of Aloha (South East Qld, Australia)

Very relaxing, lovely group, good healing, letting go, learned new things.  Jenny is good at explaining things, singing is lovely.

Liz (South East Qld, Australia)

Thank you for an inspiring evening!  Your beautiful voice is truly a gift – thank you for sharing it.

Jan (South East Qld, Australia)

What to Expect at a Sacred Woman Playshop

Each Playshop will have a similar format. This is what you can expect:

  • SAGE SMUDGING if Jenny feels it’s needed
  • SETTING YOUR INTENTION for what you wish to experience and manifest
  • MEDITATION  that reflects the theme, which could include a sound healing
  • A FUN ACTIVITY that heals, empowers, nurtures or inspires
  • DISCUSSION to share your experience to help others

Your Facilitator

Jenny, the creator of The Inspired Oracle, a down-to-earth woman with a big heart, has been nurturing, encouraging, supporting, inspiring, guiding and teaching people through daily dedication to The Inspired Oracle Facebook page, meditation classes and workshops for women since 2008. As a qualified, practicing energy healer since 2001, Jenny brings her love of healing and assisting people on their healing journey into all her events. Most of Jenny’s teachings are based on her own journey within, healing of mind, body, and soul and personal experience in re-learning and applying the spiritual laws.

What to Bring

  • ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE. Seating is available for those who are not floor dwellers.
  • NOTEBOOK and PEN for any insights during the night
  • A bottle of WATER to stay hydrated
  • Come dressed with a SMILE. HUGS are optional. smile

What Else You Need To Know

  • As the name suggests, these events are open to WOMEN ONLY
  • LIMITED SEATS available, so it’s always best to book as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment
  • The room has split system AIR CONDITIONING for your comfort
  • Please  DO NOT WEAR strong perfumes, scents or lotions, as those who are sensitive can be affected, negatively
  • Please ARRIVE at least 10 minutes early to get yourself registered and settled
  • DOORS OPEN 6:45pm for a 7:15pm start
  • BOOKINGS must be made, but PAYMENT is cash at the door or at least a day beforehand through Paypal at the Shop.

If you have any further queries, we’re only too happy to assist you.

The Next Sacred Woman Playshop

Date:      T.B.A.

Time:     7:15pm to 9:15pm

Where:  Miami, Gold Coast (exact location given on registration)

Price:     $30

Theme:  T.B.A.

This night was interesting, moving and in some confronting.  I leave here feeling lighter and in a positive frame of mind.

Anne (South East Qld, Australia)

Wonderful experience, feeling much lighter than when I entered.

Gabrielle (South East Qld, Australia)

Sooooo Grateful to Jenny.

Enlightening Powerful Emotional Meditation and Sound Healing session last night to celebrate The Blue Moon last night (2nd full moon for July)

Emotional month for me missing my parents and lost vision for my future and where I belong.

Wonderful evening of Giving and Receiving with lovely ladies who embraced and encouraged ME To Let Go of 3 limiting beliefs.

Surrounded by Mum Dad Nana Aasta Joanne and my guides and animals.

Highlighted my need to spend more time in ‘Silence’ with Nature (dear Gemini chatterbox so often surrounded by Noise).

Thankyou Jenny for sharing your “Perfect” skills to guide, heal and help people

You truly are a Blessing to the World xxx

Jennifer (Gold Coast, Australia)