Intuitive Healing Services

Healing the Mind, Body & Soul

Jenny has specialised as an ENERGY HEALING FACILITATOR since 2001 when her passion for helping others led her to learn the hands-on energy healing modality, REIKI. Over the last 23 years, Jenny has been drawn to learn and practice many other healing modalities (see a list and descriptions below), to give her clients a better chance of success with their HOLISTIC HEALING needs.

Apart from what she was drawn to learn over the past 23 years, in 2013 Jenny was gifted with LIGHT LANGUAGE; a coded galactic/ancient dialect which Jenny feels comes from the star system Sirius. It is a HEALING MODALITY and SOUND THERAPY in its own right, and has greatly enhanced the healing energy flow on a cellular level as well as re-awakening DNA for soul growth and ascension. The light language Jenny channels; singing, toning and speaking it during healing sessions, seems to have a UNIQUE INTELLIGENCE. It can come through differently for each client she works with, and is believed to be the key to connecting her clients to their original earthly or star roots, original blueprint or true essence.

Some of the results Jenny’s clients have experienced are:

  • alleviated or decreased acute or chronic pain
  • symptoms of illness improved or alleviated
  • digestive issues improved
  • feeling balanced, happier and motivated
  • sense of clarity and on purpose
  • depression or despair lifted
  • limited beliefs or patterns cleared
  • a general feeling of wellness

Jenny has also discovered that she’s had greater access to her client’s PAST LIVES since she started using LIGHT LANGUAGE in her healing sessions. This has given her clients greater awareness and removal of TRAUMA and SELF-SABOTAGING PATTERNS.

“Healers are spiritual warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls. Awakening and rising from the depths of their deepest fears, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others out of their own darkness.”

~ Melanie Koulouris ~

No two healings are ever the same, just as no two people are the same. Jenny uses her INTUITION and asks her HEALING SPIRIT GUIDES questions in all healing sessions to draw upon the modalities and information necessary to best assist her clients. Jenny’s love and compassion is evident in her sessions, with clients often remarking how much LOVE they feel, and as we all know, LOVE HEALS.

See Session Details and Prices Below ↓

Thank you Jen for seeing us at short notice. Mum has had no pain in her legs for the last 2 days. That made her so happy. We can’t thank you enough.

Gaye (N.Z.)

Healing Sessions

PACKAGE 1 (Soul Healing)

Intuitive Healing + Light Language (includes a Chakra Balance & Aura Cleanse)

When you need powerful yet gentle healing to remove trauma, bring about balance, relaxation and transformation for your highest good. Healing can be received on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level. Jenny uses her intuition to gauge which modalities are most needed, but will always include Reiki, and Light Language as part of each session. Other modalities may include Reconnective Healing®, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Surgery, ThetaHealing™, Crystals etc. Often intuitive messages regarding your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health will be delivered during the session and any advice for further self-healing given.

1.5 hr session – $150.00

If you are unable to make it into my clinic in Hervey Bay, please see the Remote Healing Packages below.

PACKAGE 2 – (Soul Deep)

Intuitive Healing + Light Language (Pay for 3 sessions and receive a discount)

One healing is sometimes not enough to get to the bottom of some deep-seated issues and trauma that sit within the emotional body or brought through from past lives or ancestors. The same quality healing as Package 1, but pay up front for 3 sessions to be used within 2 months and receive a discount.

4.5 hrs in total – $400.00 (Save $50.00)

PACKAGE 3 – (Soul Balance)

Reiki Healing

If you need a relaxing Reiki healing session to balance your chakras, cleanse your aura and bring you back into a state of harmony, calm and balance, then this session may be all you need. No bells or whistles, just a simple, relaxing and calming Reiki session without any communication during the session so you can fully relax. LIGHT LANGUAGE is optional at no extra cost.

1 hr – $100.00

Children up to age 13 (Parent must be present) – 45 mins – $70.00

PACKAGE 4 – (Soul Calm)

Reiki Healing (Pay for 3 sessions & receive a discount)

When we’re going through a transformational period, we often need that little extra t.l.c. to help us through those challenging times. That’s why we offer this package. The same great Reiki Healing as Package 3, but receive a discount for paying upfront for 3 sessions, to be used within 2 months.

3 hrs in total – $250.00 (Save $50.00)

PACKAGE 5 – (Soul Vibes)

Personal Intuitive Sound Healing

If you resonate with sound, then the frequencies of this healing may just be what you seek to bring about balance, harmony and deep transformational shifts. In these sessions, Jenny works intuitively with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, medicine drums, Solfeggio tuning forks, channeled singing, toning and speaking of light language, along with a few other sound instruments. These sessions may also include some reiki healing if Jenny feels it’s needed. It’s like your own personal sound bath.

1 hr – $100.00

PACKAGE 6 – (Soul Pamper)

Seated Indian Head Massage and Reiki Healing

Here we combine a gentle hands-on Reiki Healing treatment with Seated Indian Head Massage for the ultimate pamper package. For more details about Seated Indian Head Massage, please head over to: Indian Head Massage (Seated).

1 hr (30 mins. each of Reiki and Seated Indian Head Massage) – $95.00

Remote Healing Packages

PACKAGE 7 – (Soul Faith)

Intuitive Distance Healing + Written Report

Time and distance does not exist when it comes to energy healing. Jenny works at her massage table as if you were right there in the room with her, tuning into your energy with the aid of a photograph, although your name and location is all that’s really needed. She sends intuitively guided healing, using all or some of the following modalities: Reiki, Sound Healing including Light Language, Shamanic Healing and ThetaHealing™. Price includes a comprehensive written report (usually 1 to 2 pages) of what transpired during the healing, along with any further instructions or advice for continued self-healing. This is emailed to you within 48 hours of the healing.

1 hr – AUD$150.00. More details at: Intuitive Distance Healing.

For an extra $20.00, add on a 1 question reading, unrelated to the healing. Save $17.00

PACKAGE 8 – (Soul Trust)

Intuitive Distance Healing

For the budget conscious! The same amazing healing as Package 6, except you will NOT receive a comprehensive written report. However, if there’s anything important Jenny needs to pass on, she will do so in a short paragraph within 24 hours.

1 hr – AUD$100.00 Now AUD$90.00. More details at: Intuitive Distance Healing.

PACKAGE 9 – (Soul Connected)

Intuitive Distance Healing (Live on Google Meet or Facebook Messenger Video)

This is our brand new package for delivering Intuitive Distance Healing. Time and distance does not exist when it comes to energy healing. Jenny works at her massage table as if you were right there in the room with her, tuning into your energy, but the only difference with this package is, she will be connected with you by camera through Google Meet. It’s like you’re right there in Jenny’s clinic, able to communicate with each other during the healing process and hear Jenny’s angelic light language singing.  She sends intuitively guided healing, using all or some of the following modalities: Reiki, Sound Healing including Light Language, Shamanic Healing and ThetaHealing™.

1.25 hrs for the consultation & healing – AUD$150.00. More details at: Intuitive Distance Healing.

For your convenience, you can work out how much these services will cost in your country with this CURRENCY CONVERTER.

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I was so blessed to enjoy the most divine sound healing from Jenny Marie… she not only uses her bowls & drum but has the most amazing soul light language singing, the voice of an angel… Very Grateful & Blessed.

Trudy Vesotsky (Gold Coast, Australia)

Thank you Jenny for a really powerful healing I received from you yesterday. I really feel a shift in my vibration today from all you did including your angelic voice. One of the best healings I have received. Blessings, Barry

Barry (Gold Coast, Australia)

Went to Jenny’s place for an Energy Healing Session yesterday. There was concentration over a couple of places however after getting me to sit up on the edge of the table, Jenny and her spirit crew worked on my lower spine, an area of long standing pain from an accident back in the 1970s. Today that area of my lower back feels great. I even went to the Anzac Memorial Service this morning and stood for about 3/4 hr without a twinge. If you have a problem with your body, mind, spirit I can recommend a visit to Jen and her spirit crew. Thanks Jenny — feeling happy.

Rex (Gold Coast, Australia)

I had a Distance Healing from Jenny and she was spot on about my past and what I need to do too. I was really grateful to get so much information in a report. If you’re considering a healing, do not hesitate. I’d definitely request her services again in the future if I need it.”

Leisa (Bendigo, Australia)

Healing Modalities

Some of the modalities and techniques Jenny may draw on in her Intuitive Healing sessions.


Reiki is a gentle, loving, yet simple and powerful healing technique that relaxes the body and balances the chakras, bringing the body, mind and soul into harmony for healing to take place.

Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’. This pure energy which is a part of all living things, is directed through the ‘laying on of hands’, which can bring about profound healing benefits of an emotional, physical. mental and spiritual basis.

Reiki is a safe, natural and unobtrusive form of spiritual healing that can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities and allopathic treatments, including pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.

Angelic Shamanic Healing

Shamans can be found all over the world in different cultures – for example, they are found among Native Americans, Peruvians, Aborigines, to name a few. Shamanism is the spiritual practice of interacting with the spirit world for healing and divination purposes by reaching an altered-state of consciousness in a trance-state. Some of the practices Jenny has been trained in include: Soul Retrieval (reintegrating lost soul parts, due to trauma, back into a person to allow healing to take place; Power Animal Retrieval (basically a method to bring back lost power) and Extractions (removal of negative energy).

Spiritual Surgery (Zenna Healing)

Spiritual Surgery is just that – surgical operations performed at a spiritual level. The name describes the process precisely, but the actual work is not performed by any physical human person.

Spiritual Surgery is performed by spirit surgeons who know far more about yourself than you do. They fully understand your life purpose – why you are here, why you created the pain, and they understand what you wish to learn from the experience. All healing work performed on you is done with the permission of your Higher Self. and it is for your Higher Self that all healing is ultimately directed at.

Spiritual Surgery is effective for any physical problems, be it an ingrown toenail or scoliosis of the spine. But like some healing techniques, does not address the emotional trauma that firstly, created the problem, and secondly, keeping it active. Therefore, Spiritual Surgery may or may not provide the results you expect without first addressing any emotional trauma, or limited beliefs first.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing includes using crystals and crystal grids to facilitate chakra balance and healing and amplify healing of other modalities.

Inner Child Healing

A visualisation process for understanding and releasing the wounded child behaviours, that allow the adult version of yourself to face challenges as an adult rather than as a child.

Diamond Light Healing

The Diamond Light Healing Activations were channeled and developed by Jennifer Starlight.

Each individual has within them a unique map of Diamond Light, and each individual has gifts and challenges within that map or sacred equation of Light. Diamond Light Healing discovers these sacred equations, so that cleansing and balancing of the Diamond Lights through activation of sacred symbols can be facilitated.

Certified Angel Intuitive

Jenny is an Angel Intuitive, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Angel intuitives work predominantly with the angelic realm, with the intention of assisting people on the spiritual path in the areas of guidance through psychic readings and spiritual healing.

Sound Healing with Light Language

Edgar Cayce once said, “Sound will be the medicine of the future.” Whether you can hear it or not, everything has a vibration that emanates a sound. That includes your body, its organs etc. But when the body is in a state of dis-ease, the frequency is no longer harmonious. But find the right sound frequency and you can once more bring the body into harmony.

Apart from Light Language stated above, Jenny also works with Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, the medicine drum, and Solfeggio tuning forks to assist the body to find it’s natural rhythm once more.


ThetaHealing is a set of techniques used to bring about healing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, by identifying negative emotions, feelings & beliefs, and changing them at an unconscious level, into ones that are positive and beneficial, bringing about healing on all 4 levels, stated above. This is done by connecting with The Creator Of All That Is in a theta brainwave.

Much research has been made on the Mind, Body, Spirit connection – how our emotions, feelings & thoughts influence how we live our lives and how they affect our health. ThetaHealing is best known for its belief & feeling work which makes positive changes on Core, Genetic, History & Soul levels. Our beliefs create our reality, so if you don’t like your reality, you can change your beliefs with ThetaHealing and re-create a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is the practice of intuitively seeing into the body or receiving information from a person’s energetic field or spirit guides about the physical, mental or emotional bodies and thereby ascertain the root cause of certain physical or emotional ailments.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing® is a hands-free healing method discovered by Dr Eric Pearl, that allows reconnection and healing of a person at every level of being.

Reconnective Healing® uses the frequencies of energy, light and information to facilitate healing and restore the body to a state of balance. The practitioner acts as a catalyst for change, addressing the disharmonies in the client’s system to evolve into a higher state of being. When these healing frequencies are introduced into the body’s energy field, the tissue within the body restructures and the healing process happens almost instantaneously.

Tamara Healing

Tamara Healing, similar to Reiki, is a loving, supportive energy that encourages us to progress towards positivity, with positive thinking and actions in any given situation. It can assist in liberating your true character and actualize your innate abilities. When you are trying to be strong or willing to put effort in, Tamara supports in boosting your feelings and encourages motivation.

Spiritual Healing

A form of energy healing that promotes the idea that healing is facilitated by God or the universe.


Guiding the client through, meditation or visualisation for relaxation purposes or to gain intuitive insight.