An interesting start to this forecast…

The first thing I hear, is to research the break-down of the word November. So I listened to Spirit and learned a thing or two. It turns out Novem actually means Nine in Latin. If you research November, there are different opinions as to why the month of November was called this, considering in our 12 month calendar it’s actually the 11th month. Opinions include the Roman calendar was originally 10 months and then Julius Caesar and Augustus wanted a month named after them to finally make it a 12 month calendar, and others saying that March was originally the beginning of the year, which I feel is more likely the truth. But I hasten to wonder if November still holds a 9 vibration considering its name. Nine is such an interesting number. Multiply 9 by any number and it will always return to 9 when you bring it down to a single digit. For example: 9 x 4 = 36 (3+6=9).

9 Represents completion & endings

Being the last single digit, 9 represents completion and endings and ultimately new beginnings, as with any ending there is always a new beginning. Symbolically it represents a culmination of wisdom and experience. So this does make me wonder if we’re now heading into a month where we will see the completion of a cycle or a death so to speak of the old due to greater insights and truths revealed or realised, plus the past released, with a new beginning or era emerge through being older and wiser to what we learn and experience.

This tells me November could be quite rocky because let’s face it, endings are always a little uncomfortable because most people don’t like change and the uncertainty that comes with it, but that means December or late November could be the fresh start we are hoping for. But I’m not getting ahead of myself, so I’m going to focus just on November for now.

This could equate to more restrictions, mandates, bullying and coercion tactics, segregation and freedoms being taken away by Governments, especially if we do not comply. But I get the feeling this month will be a TURNING POINT on a global scale and will also be occurring on a personal level. We’ve tried to push our way forward so far, but something has to give so there may be breakdowns and breakthroughs experienced. Do your best to surrender to what transpires instead of trying to push through regardless or ignoring the emotions that arise, or you may lose a great opportunity to gather some insight and experience those breakthroughs.

Cosmic Influences

Some of you may experience heart palpitations and I feel this is to do with cosmic changes such as solar flares. But this can also be a result of being out of alignment with the Earth’s energy, its pulse. If this is the case, I suggest time in nature to recalibrate.

I’m getting this feeling that there’s some significant changes regarding either Saturn or Jupiter this month. I’m hearing Saturn but seeing Jupiter, by the looks of it. I’m not getting any more information on this, so I suggest you do your own research or consult an Astrologist for more insight on how this may affect you personally.

A new era…

I get the feeling that we may be leaving behind someone or there will be someone moving out of our life. So this could include a breakup, a friend moving away or you moving away from those close to you, children leaving home etc. Some soul contracts will be coming to an end – it’s time so you can move on into new territory with new experiences you may not have had with this person in your life. It feels like the shake-up we need.

If you look at November in its usual number form – 11, it looks like a gateway. So again we may be leaving some things, aspects of our old self or people behind and moving into a new reality or new era. I can imagine November 11 will be an interesting day.

What the cards say…

The card for the month is “Fertility”. Which seems contradictory in some ways to what has been already mentioned about endings, however, whatever, we face this month will be a foundation for fertile grounds, so new ideas may be birthed, new beginnings realised in some way.

I also feel looking at this card that intuition may be heightened and love/heart energy will expand. We certainly need this and the heart palpitations may also relate to the heart going through changes/expansion. Some may also find that their networks expand, creating more opportunities and support.

The card for what we can expect by the end of November is “Memories of Love”. We may find ourselves reflecting on past relationships, and loved ones who are no longer a big part of our life. This could include ‘aha’ moments as to why things didn’t work and your role in that. Some may have feelings of regret however, the most important thing to remember is what you learned from those experiences.  

Again, I feel this card also highlights that some people may be moving out of our life this month. Whether this is your choice or not, we need to be okay with the decisions made, knowing that some things need to end for a higher purpose. Remember, we have the fertility card, so we are birthing a new reality, a new era, a new way forward.

Dragon energy

The day after I wrote the main part of this energy forecast I started to sense dragon energy coming through for November. I don’t know a lot about dragon energy, but what I’m sensing is it’s a very powerful and strong yang/male fire energy. If you were to give it a star sign I’d say Aries. It’s like it’s giving us this boot up the butt to get things done, achieve certain agendas, stand up or fight for what we believe in, but we also need to be careful not to take on the negative aspect that can burn others in the process or create burnout in ourselves. We still need to find the balance, but allow dragon energy or call on dragon to give you the strength, power and will to motivate you into action with courage.

One last message I’m receiving is that we can be the flame or the torch we carry forward or pass on to another to light the way for others to follow.

Wishing you strength, courage and foresight to navigate your way through November!