Welcome to this month’s special New Year Insights 3 card interactive reading; this time using the Energy Oracle Cards.

To receive guidance when moving into the energy of 2022 for you, close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. When you open your eyes, feel which card you are most drawn to. Once you have chosen your card, scroll down to find the corresponding guidance for your card.

Please feel free to comment below with how this guidance has helped you. Enjoy!


Card #1 – Action and Woman Holding a Coin

If you chose Card #1 then you are being reminded that as you move into the new energy of 2022, it’s important for you to take decisive action steps. It’s not a year for you to hold back. You may have already been in that energy during most of 2021, but this 2022 year brings opportunities and a feeling of striking while the iron is hot. Any action you take this year will bring financial or other rewards.

Things may seem black and white this year… you’re either all in or all out, it’s all about work or it’s all about play. It’s very cut and dry… no shades of grey to confuse. So I’d say you’ll be focussed and decisive this year, knowing exactly what you want and how to get it. Also knowing when to work, when to play, when to socialise, when to relax and when you need to be alone.

Some may experience a small windfall – this could be a pay rise, winning the lottery or a court case or even an inheritance.

Card #2 – Happy Family

If you chose Card #2 then I see better days for you, especially when it comes to connecting with friends and family. If you can connect more so with family or friends or other people in general, you will bring a lot more joy into your life.

Do your best not to stretch yourself too thin however, by keeping the balance between family commitments, work and time to yourself is important.

For some there may be movements – either you moving to a new location or people moving in and out of your home, such as kids moving on or moving back home.

You truly are going to be/feel blessed this year so affirm, ‘Bring it on’!


Card #3 – Yin/Yang

If you chose Card #3 then finding the balance will be key to getting through 2022 with grace and ease. It would be a good idea to make a plan at the beginning of the year as to how you will organise your time for work/business, playtime, exercise, meditation etc.

If you haven’t already set up a regular practice for meditation or yoga, now would be the time for this. You will find some form of mindfulness or relaxation time beneficial in helping you cope with any stresses this year brings.

It’s not to say this will be a bad year, but you may be faced with some challenges that would not seem as daunting if you had already placed yourself into a calm, and centred state through meditation, time in nature or some form of gentle, focussed exercise like yoga or tai chi.

This year, also try to see all shades instead of everything being black or white. There may be a lot you’re not seeing due to being too one-sided and not being open to new information or ways of looking at things.

All up, all will be okay if you can keep the balance.


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