September was Intense

I don’t know about you, but the last week of September was a doozy for me.  There were a couple of days where it all got too much and I had to take a break to move through the emotions that were arising. In the September’s forecast I mentioned that we may end the month with a bang – I guess that was mine. Apart from this, there were some solar winds directed towards Earth in the last week of September along with Mercury going retrograde, which I no doubt was feeling on an emotional level. Aah, the life of an empath.

One thing I’ve learned over the years, is to just go with the flow with how I’m feeling and try not to judge myself too harshly for what I’m going through, emotionally. In the end I always come out the other side, stronger and usually with more clarity and feeling on-purpose. Always embrace the emotions that surface – they are messengers that tell us something is not quite right in our world and therefore something needs to change.

Let’s get into it…

I’d love to say this October will be easier, but I feel that may not be the case. I’m sensing the energy will be dense or chaotic this month, at least for the first 2 to 3 weeks. So this may play out with such things as, mental chaos or lack of clarity, miscommunications, disruptions, fear rising to the surface, single-mindedness or selfishness (every man for himself as opposed to team spirit).

I feel this is coming about due to the collective panic and fear people are experiencing and also the feeling of “I’ve just had enough of it all”. Watching the news, too much social media and getting too involved in negative screenplays (themes), and this can include watching what appears to be negatively happening in other people’s lives, can wreak havoc on our own mental and emotional bodies. This can quickly manifest into physical ailments, if we allow it to affect us for too long. STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE, I’m hearing. There’s enough happening in your own life, no doubt, to be getting caught up in other people’s drama as well. Especially from people you don’t even know on social media or on the news.

What’s the way forward?

We are being directed inwards to acknowledge our own fears and see them for what they truly are. Fears are an illusory negative imagination, based primarily on the past. What we are essentially doing is bringing what’s happened in the past into our present and projecting it into our future. And every time we do this, we can re-create this past… the past we do not want to re-create.

First we must acknowledge these fears, and feel into that fear, panic, frustration, anger, hopelessness or whatever other way that feeling of fear is manifesting. Trying to distract ourselves, instead of feeling them will not make them go away. They will still bubble beneath the surface and cause eruptions, if not released. You may sense the feeling in a certain part of your body. Allow that feeling to move through you. You may release it through crying, screaming, singing, talking to a trusted friend or therapist or intentionally surrendering it over to the Creator of All That Is.

Once you have allowed that feeling to pass through you, fill yourself back up with light. This can be done either with imagining light moving through your body on the breath or through the crown chakra, or by turning to those things that bring joy back into your life such as gratitude, play, doing something creative, thinking of something that makes you feel happy… all the things that fill you with love.

What else we may expect this month…

I’m also sensing that some people will be feeling at a cross roads and may be pushed to make a decision. Try not to rush into anything if you’re not sure. Allow yourself the time to really delve into your soul for what you truly want.

With the fear and panic being felt and unexpressed by the collective, this may result in Earthly activity such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, electrical storms, electrical or internet outages or disruptions, flooding etc. The Earth is a living breathing entity and consciousness which also feels the unexpressed or unreleased feelings of those who walk upon her. You do your part to bring harmony to Mother Earth by releasing fear and bringing love into your hearts.

I’m also hearing to take care of your health this month, so be careful you’re not burning the candle at both ends. Give yourself plenty of rest, nature, gentle exercise, good food, water and most of all methods to de-stress.

The other thing that’s getting my attention is relationships… so there may be some changes that occur in this part of your life. If it hasn’t already happened in September, there could be break-ups or new relationships formed. Otherwise the dynamics within your current relationship could change.

I came back to this forecast a couple of days later and asked my guides if there was anything else we can expect this month. I’m sensing there’s something brewing in regards to banks. I feel there will be some news about this, which could even possibly be to do with banks collapsing and/or bankruptcy will be greatly felt by many.

And one other vision I saw was what I believe to be a young Napoleon Bonaparte in a white military uniform. This is telling me that we could expect a revolution, but given the white uniform I’m going to go with a peaceful one. Things are certainly heating up in parts of Australia and change is greatly needed here. I also felt I was seeing Africa, so they could be one of the continents that rise, but basically I feel this will be occurring around the globe. Perhaps some continents starting with ‘A’ will be the forerunners, which will create a wave of change around the world.

The Third Week of October

By the third week of October, I sense more balance and harmony will be felt among the collective. I actually sense the sun shining again.

There may also be decisions finally made by those who were sitting on the fence or at a cross-roads. This will bring a sense of much needed comfort, with finally having some clarity and a straight path forward.

What the cards say…

I chose some cards for each week, but I won’t go into detail with these as I feel they are fairly self-explanatory.

The first week of October, the cards are “CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES” and “MOVING ON”.

For the second week, “FEELING ALONE”.

The third week, “SHINE”.

And the fourth week, “JOY & STABILITY”.

I also chose an overall card for October which is “BLOSSOM”. This tells me that through inner work, you will make great headway this month. Either way, there will be much growth achieved.

Wishing you all a stress-free and harmonious October!