Each month I hope to deliver to you an intuitive message with help from my guides, either of what we can expect for the month or an important piece of advice they wish me to share with the collective.

September 2021

For September 2021, the first thing Spirit brought to my attention was an image of my brother on his motorbike. This image immediately took me back to a time many years ago when he was in a serious accident and could have easily lost his life or ended up with a permanent spinal injury. He was riding with his mates along a country road but this time there was a new and younger, less experienced rider with them. My brother was looking behind to make sure he was okay and keeping up with the rest of them. That split second of taking his focus off the road and looking behind him, had him veer off the road slightly, onto gravel where he lost control. All he remembered was saying to himself, “please not the fence post, please not the fence post”. So with his focus on the fence post, that’s where he ended up crashing – into the fence post.

Focus is Key

I’m sure this all happened so quickly that there was little time to react differently, but it brings up a very important lesson – BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FOCUS. Perhaps if he’d had the time and wisdom to know that where you put your focus, is where you end up, he may have avoided such an accident. We will never know, but we are being shown in this scenario, how important it is to focus on what we want and NOT what we don’t want. This couldn’t be more so this month, where we must focus on our path, instead of the drama that’s happening around us. If you focus on the light, not the dark, you will draw the light into your consciousness, not the darkness and that means drawing light-filled experiences into your reality.

Secondly, there’s a strong message to make sure you are looking out for number one before you go and assist others. Your safety is just as important as anyone else’s. It’s like the plane analogy… always place the oxygen mask over your own face first before assisting children with theirs, because if you’re not conscious, you certainly can’t help your children.

Plan for the Unexpected

Perhaps if they’d planned the trip better, such as making sure the new rider was always in-between the more experienced ones, they could have avoided this accident altogether. So I feel this month may be one to plan ahead to avoid any accidents, incidents, the unexpected or unnecessary discomfort with things not going the way we hoped.

Most of all focus on your path, your passion, your purpose instead of what anyone else is doing. If you find yourself envying someone else, please know that when you do, you give your power away to that person. Keep the focus on you!

There is a lot going on in the world and it’s possible things will be amplified this month. We are in a 5 year, going into a 9 month. When you add the 9 and 5 together we get 14 and when we bring that down to a single digit, that’s another 5. I’m not a numerologist but I feel it’s safe to say that we may have more of the same of this 5 year and amplified. Being a 9 month, you may also experience endings, or tying off loose ends. 9 also represents humanitarianism and idealism so this may be a feature of the month.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

The cards I chose have indicated a strong message again for UNITY. As they say, United We Stand, Divided We Fall. As I’ve mentioned in a few messages on social media, we are once again being asked to put our petty differences aside and stand united. We all want the same outcome of love, peace, freedom, health, it’s just that we have different opinions in how to achieve that. One is not necessarily right and the other wrong, so it’s best to keep walking on by if you come across something you disagree with. Find it in your heart to accept that we are all different with different opinions and at different stages in life and that’s okay. Life would be pretty boring if we were all alike – our differences is what makes life so interesting.

Ground, Cleanse, Protect

Don’t be surprised if you experience ups-and-downs this month… either in energy levels or emotionally. Remember this too can be part of life and shall pass. It’s best to roll with the punches than try and resist. It’s easy to get hung up about being over emotional, but it’s those emotions that prove you’re human. Of course, there is always a message from your soul in those emotions which says, you either have some wounds to heal, or you’re just so sensitive that you’re picking up what’s going on in the collective. If the latter, then it’s important to cleanse and protect yourself. Each morning, night and when working with Spirit I ground and connect my energy to Mother Earth, Cleanse my energy of anything that’s not mine to take on, and Protect my energy. I feel we could all do with this ritual, however, it’s vital for the very sensitive and empaths.

I also feel that the month may end with a bang or possibly start that way… though I’m feeling the former is more likely. I’m not getting a bad or good feeling about this or a lot of other information but some truths may be revealed, some big news highlighted or we’ll reach a greater level of understanding. We’ll just have to wait and see for the details.

How Can We Help Ourselves?

I asked Spirit what we can do to assist ourselves this month, and I chose the Hermit card. So going within, taking a step back, meditation, perhaps even hiding ourselves away for a while, and not getting involved in drama and what everyone else is doing, and just focussing on ourselves could pay off. Journaling may also assist you, especially if you have a lot of feelings and emotions surfacing. Write it down and get it off your chest. A gratitude journal may also be a great idea. I feel if we can take the advice of the Hermit, we will have clearer conversations with our guides and higher self.  Your intuition can be your ally, assisting you during this month.

By the end of the month, if we can take the advice of the Hermit and not allow ourselves to get into heated debates, remaining united as one, I feel we will be in a much better position. We may even have a greater understanding of our gifts, our purpose and a clearer path ahead. So let your purpose and passion be your main focus.

The last thing my guides wish to say is, do not panic. It’s important to remain calm, centred, balanced and not allow fear to be your guide forward. Practice meditation and spend time in nature to help calm your energy. It may be a roller coaster ride this month, but this too shall pass. We will get through it with love in our hearts and focussing on the light.