Last night I had Spirit whisper into my thoughts to do a 3 card reading. So if you stumbled across this blog, you must be in need of some loving guidance from the angels.

I was guided to choose 3 cards from the Angel Wisdom Tarot by Radleigh Valentine and Illustrated by Dan Craig.

To receive the guidance that’s most appropriate for your life right now, close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. When you open your eyes, feel which turned-down card you are most drawn to. Once you have chosen, you can scroll down to find the corresponding guidance for your card.

Please feel free to comment below with how this related to your life or how this guidance has helped you. Enjoy!




Card #1 – Seven of Cups

Keyphrases: Make a choice! Stop procrastinating or overanalysing. Get clarity on what you desire and move forward. Too many options. Addictions.

What I’m being shown is a black and white cow. Coupled with the card, my feeling is it’s time to start nurturing your God-given gifts and abilities. Like the cow that needs to be milked to produce any milk, you too need to put in the effort. It may be that you’ve been ignoring your gifts or abilities and therefore not working with them, practicing to make them stronger or being of service in a way that uses your gifts and abilities to help humankind.

It could be that you have many gifts but it’s time to focus on just one or two of these. Trying to juggle many things can cause us to become scattered or overwhelmed. Just focus on one or two for now until you have mastered them.

For those who have already been working with their gifts, I’m receiving the words, “Keep up the good work”. I feel your gifts are being recognised, if not by everyone else, they certainly are by Spirit. It’s a matter of time before you will see the fruits from your labours.

This card also says to me, ‘You’re ready”, so if you think you’re not ready to start using your gifts in service to humanity, that is just fear raising its head and it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and start using them.

Card #2 – 2 of Wands

Keyphrases: Taking the next steps. Bold and ambitious choices. Partnering with others who share your dreams. Expanding your plans. Continue to move forward.

What I’m being shown first of all is a physical newspaper. I feel this is showing me that it’s time to start making headlines, or in other words, start getting out of your comfort zone and be seen, heard, or be bold. Have you been hiding yourself away for too long? Do you have news you need to share with the world or even just family and friends? It’s time to be brave, bold and just do it!

When I look at this card, I’m getting a homosexuality vibe, so if you recognise you are a homosexual or identify as some other sexuality other than straight, and haven’t come out of the closet yet, think about making it known. This will take a load off of your mind, because you’ve been trying to hide your truth for too long and that has caused anxiety or stress from not being authentically you.

For some of you there may be stunted growth. It’s time to make plans for the future. Really assess what you want to do and go after it! This could include getting help from someone else or partnering with others that have the strengths you lack. There could be two opportunities – take the one that brings the most excitement, even if it scares you. There’s definitely growth ahead if you are bold enough to reach out and take the steps necessary to own it. I’m also receiving the words, “There is strength in numbers.” So whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do/achieve, look at ways to build your tribe of like-minded souls.

Card #3 – The Moon

Keyphrases: Listen to your intuition and pay attention to signs from the Divine. Unnecessary worry. Let go of your fears. Revelations that will make everything clear.

What I’m receiving first of all is much love and I’m shown an angel that appears as pale pink. If you chose this card, then you may have been feeling down, upset, worried or stressed. The angels are sending you an abundance of love, asking you not to worry. They love you so much and don’t want to see you worry needlessly. I feel there’s a message they are trying to whisper to you but because of your stress, or grief you may be finding it difficult to listen. Connect with nature and sit in meditation so you are in a more harmonious and receptive state to hear the words of wisdom from your angels and your higher self.

I hear their beautiful music so listening to music or singing may also help you at this time to feel calm and centred.

I look at the card and I’m drawn to the angel’s hands over the heart region. They ask you to connect with your heart, because the mind is likely overactive and does not give you the truth, only fears. When you connect with your heart, you connect with love, truth and joy. This is what you need right now, not the negative thoughts that cloud your mind. Always know the angels are here to assist you, you only need to ask. Giving your burdens over to God will lessen your load and give you the clarity you need, solutions to your problems and a calmness that can only be yours when you surrender.

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